Why CX Web Design instead of an Agency

More for less

With CX Web Design you will receive custom and personal attention

  • We are a small team of entrepreneur professionals, we are generally better innovators and more flexible thinkers, versus a staff member working in a prescribed manner for many years.

  • We are focus on our client's project, and not be distracted by company meetings, office hours, schedules and company politics.

  • You don't have to pay for the expenses related to commercial real estate lease, marketing expenses, office supplies, employee trainings and benefits, and other corporate expenses.

  • Agencies are primarily working for itself, sometimes turns into an adversarial relationship. We work primarily for you.

  • We can complete your web project in less time than the typical bureaucratic agency. Most design agencies take many weeks or months to build a website for your business. You will be missing customer, website traffic, search engine indexing, and social media connections.

  • We are loyal to your business, while agency staff are always loyal to their own company.

  • We have over a decade of experience. Agencies tend to hire interns or junior programmers still at school with no experience and knowledge, because they are cheaper.

  • Agencies are always looking to reduce their costs, not your cost.

  • We are flexible with customer's budget.

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